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Welcome to my Personal Home Page ...

In an effort to consolidate the information about me, and to make practical the search for specifics, I have prepared "myWorld", my Personal Home Page, to help organize and structure, the details that pertain to my life and accomplishments ... On this page you will find links to contact me via eMail, phone, SKYPE, Telegram, WhatsApp, and more, and you can find links on the left sidebar to take you to career specific pages, like the ITguy page, or the Truck Driver page, etc. There, you will find resumes, references, a cover letter, etc. to help you with more specific items in specific careers.

A director at DELL Computers once told me that I proved wrong, the phrase "Jack of all trades is a master of none." He said, "You do just that!" He told me that I actually become a master of many! He called me a MacGyver, stating that I can do "anything". Oddly enough, I find that to be true. I literally "can" do anything. I love to learn, and when I am expected to perform that tasks, my fear of not knocking it out of the park drives me to over-study, to the point of being able to teach it. The nice thing is that I retain most of that, making it a great asset to me throughout life. Most employers do not know what to do with someone who can do "anything", because they are "specialist" driven. So, I worked as a contractor for years! I finally decided it was time to start some businesses of my own, and use these talents.

While the above skills might give me a decided edge in being competitve in jockeying for positions, that is the least thing in my interests. I love to help my co-workers. I document my processes, and develop Q/Ref documents (quick reference) that I personally use, and I share these with interested co-workers, to make their job just a little bit easier. I believe in lifting up those around you, helping them to perform and shine in their skills. I'm not interested in the recognition. My co-workers know my heart. My job, my purpose, is to help "them" to shine and be recognized for that performance.

So, find what you will, learn about me, my leadership styles, my talents, and my many different careers ...


A Modern Day MacGyver

You will never meet another like me ...
I love working with people, speaking, teaching and training, and personal coaching, to help someonee find their strengths and their gifts, encouraging them and lifting them up.  I learn fast,  and I also specialize in writing, speaking, radio, video technology, and in the IT field.  I have worked with LINUX, macOS and Windows; specializing in shell scripting and batch files, web design, online personalities and social profiles, and process automation ...  I am a writer, a photographer, an IT virtual systems and networking engineer, a developer and a problem solver, focused on finding the answers to problems, and implementing solutions, for those who work in the virtual world  ... on the GRID!   

A director at Dell Computers once told me I disproved the old saying …  “Jack of all trades is a master of none”.  He noticed how I work and learn,  and quickly adapt to situations and needs, finding solutions others cannot see.  I strive to master whatever I am doing, to become a dependable resource for that which I am assigned.  I work to excel in what I do, so that I am also able to help my teammates, should they need help.  I am not a one man show, but a breath of life to those I work with!  He called me a modern day “MacGyver”. 

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. Someone very close to me once told me that the whole learning process is based around that. If you're not making mistakes, you're probably not learning much. Well, I learn from them, and work to avoid similar mistakes ahead. I am a "teacher" type, who is also teachable. I actually want tolearn, and I love to share what I've learned.

Pastor / Prophet / Teacher - [WORD CHURCH Ministries]Having served and walked with GOD since the age of 8, Rich has his BA in Biblical & Theological Studies, and is licensed, ordained, and has even served in the roles of Sr. Pastor, associate pastor, praise & worship leader, and soundroom director, to name a few. He worked hard to learn just about every facet and office in the church, to prepare for pastoring his own one day.

A man after GOD's own heart, he loves working with people and seeks to bring out their very best, while encouraging them and teaching them how to walk with GOD and stand in faith, and reach for the successful live of a Believer. He's not perfect, and will be the first to tell you that he's a work in progress.

Writer / Speaker / Teacher There's no doubt about it, Rich has a gift for words. A former DJ and news announcer, Rich's ability for ad-lib and inpromptu speaking is superb! Words come easy, and this shows in his writing. When he learns something, Rich digs at the knowledge, to learn beyond the skills that he needs, working up to the teaching level of understanding. His gift with words makes him an excellent speaker and teacher. Utilizing his exceptional sales skills in presentations, along with these other talents, the student is assured to "want to learn" and develop their own knowledge thru his teaching.

Rich is currently working on writing several books, and some short stories. He also writes poetry, and has been dabbling in song writing. He loves instructing and teaching.

IT Systems Engineer / Admin - [] For over 23+ years, Rich worked in the IT industry, working as an IT Director, systems admin, server admin, pc support manager, repair tech, documentations specialist, security admin, technical writer, and more. His ability to quickly learn and grasp software and operating systems, has catapulted him into the lead when it comes to the support and troubleshooting of servers, networks and workstations. His skills for planning and disaster recovery are second to none.

Photographer / Social Media Specialist Rich has an eye for photography. One often crops their pictures during the shoot, but Rich plans his shots and anticipates how he may use the photos later, whether in a web page, a banner, sidebar, poster, or other features like his che' business cards. He uses his talents with photography and graphic design to make uniquely designed "che' business cards", and to develop awesome online profile pages. His IT skills help him to properly prepare you for a good, strong social presence, and he uses this to help you set up various URL wizardry in your eMail signatures, and your online profiles.

Commercial Driver - Class A Over-The-Road + Passenger/School Bus First licensed in 1982, Rich drove tanker trucks for 3 years. In 2019, he got his Class A CDL (tpsx - all endorsements) and drove flatbeds, van/box trailers, pneumatic sand trailers, tankers, and even cement mixers. He added to his endorsements with passenger bus, and school bus, and drives both standard and automatic.

He has driven OTR (over-the-road) for almost 4+ years, in most of these united states across the U.S., and in some of the most treaterous weather! He is a skilled and reliable trucker. His driving career, is intermixed with others, and he often returns to it when the need arises.

*TWIC, PEC card; and Texas safety endorsed and special needs training. TPSX endorsed.

Entrepreneur Rich has been working on various ideas and plans that only require the funding, and the resources, to implement. One of his latest projects involves social media presence, online accounts, contact info, headshots, websites and the many needed areas of developing an online presence. He also wants to implement a system interfacing two-way radio, and dial-up, to Linux, and The Internet, bringing off-grid users onto the grid, for email, communications, and for file transfers, using UUCP, and many other features of Linux (UNIX), so that you can ...

"Let us help you GET CONNECTED " ... to the World!


It all starts with a dream ...

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