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Welcome to my PERSONAL WEBSITE!  

This website is a reference work to make information available to you, about me, my family, my work, my hobbies, and the various things someone might want to know or ask. Over the course of my life, I have done so much, learned so much, experienced so much, that a simple resume or detailed job history, which is what resumes really are now, just can't cover it.

So, I bring you here..."my Personal Website".
Hal 9000 and Chaundra

I hope you truly find this resrouce helpful,
informative and resourceful!

Hal 9000 ... said he liked it!
Isn't that right, Dr. Chaundra? ... Chaundra?

(I never can get his attention when he's in front of that thing)

My Story brief

ITguy-1I got into computers when CP/M 2.2 was "the standard". I worked with the IBM PC's, and clones, and even with UNIX when it first came to personal computers (XENIX). I've built computer systems, pc's and serviced the equipment, devices, networks & cabling, telephone systems & lines, worked with patch panel (66 & 110 block), and was a special with serial communications and telephone modems, when they were key for interconnecting. Having worked with mainframes (some) and mini-computers, I have also supported and administered various servers (Windows, UNIX, LINUX and macOS), and worked with terminal devices (asynchronous and synchronious). I also have extensive radio and two-way experience, cellular, wifi, mesh, packet, radio teletype, telex/TWX and various packet networks.



My Story brief

For years, I worked supporting various systems, servers, server rooms, and mobile and virtual links and connections for customers to help them "get connected", and effectively work anywhere. I never really took the time for certifications or formal training but learned these on-the-spot, as the needs arose. Now, with the added competition in the IT field, I am finding it difficult to even get to "speak" personally to the customer to discover if I am what they need or not. Software has taken that place, and all too often that software does NOT do a good job of selection and filtering. Good applicants and "the answer" to what they actually need, is passed by.

To survive, and in an effort to keep my financial resources for income diverse, I have obtained my CDL (commercial drivers license), with all of the available endorsements (tankers, double & triple trailers, hazmat (hazardous materials) and I even passed the tests for people transportation, to include charter buses and school buses. All I have to do is find the time and means to take driving test for these two, and I'll have everything! With these added fields of work available, my income can be consistent, regardless of the IT market, while I continue obtaining my education and certifications in the IT field.


My Specialty  what I excel in

Home IT GuyI love automation, with batch files, and with shell scripting, organizing and making things "neat" and tidy. Yes, I'm rather "OCD" when it comes to creating user accounts, their profiles, and in using "all" of the various wonderful features of the LINUX (UNIX) world! I also love synchronizing and copy of user data to ensure backups are available. I've never cared for an actualy "backup", aka encrypted and compressed files containing millions of files all crammed into one file. There is way too much opportunity for failure there. If the backup is corrupted, "everything" is corrupted/gone! But, if you copy the files, then you have a second copy, safely stored somewhere. If something goes wrong, it is highly likely that you will lose a single file or two, and not everything! So, I much prefer individual file copies, using samba and NFS file sharing, and rsync to synchronize changes to ensure we have copies, regularly (and automatically) backed up.

When I create a user, I don't use the standard, default user creation tool that comes with LINUX. There is way too much that is lost with that process. Instead, I use a shell script that prompts me for the user's information, and then creates the user, along with the various profiles, headshot, project file, plan file, eMail account, ssh file, and permissions. I even have the shell script take that information and create a user's "contact profile" with it ... a .CSV file that allows you to share your contact information right away! The [username].csv file is right there in the user's home directory for them to share, along with the headshot.jpg and .face files. File sharing is automatically set up, and everything works right out-of-the-box!

I'm Also a Professional Truck Driver
  Class AM CDL (endorsements: NTX)

Beach GuyWith the evergrowing populus of "IT folks" in the Austin Texas area, creating a much more difficult job search-and-find issue, I decided that I had to do something to bring in good income while I am in-between contracts. My savings could not take the up-and-down that sometimes comes with these gaps.

There are a lot of un-informed recruiters in the Austin area that think contractors should come on as a salary employee, with the same pay but without the benefits! Contractors have to pay for their own time off, their own vacations, and their own training, and that costs $$$.

Most contractors make somewhere around twice what a regular employee would make, because they don't get all of the benefits the regular employee does. To offer an IT guy a wage of $16/hr as a contractor (which is a slap in the face to begin with), you are actually offering the contractor $8/hr instead! And now, in Austin with all the IT folks available in great numbers, the salaries as well have gone down! Specialization is the only way to compete. (more schooling, more cost!)

When visiting with employment agencies, the Texas Workforce Commission, and similar agencies, I always see "Be a truck driver!" and "Truck Driver Jobs!". When I discovered that the salaries they were making was almost "twice" what these new recruiter wannabees were quoting us IT guys, I decided to take the plunge! You see, truck driving jobs are all over the area, from small trucks to large trucks, from bus drivers to tour buses! And, if you want to go over-the-road and travel, those are even MORE in abundance!!

When I left the Air Force the first time, back in 1982, I got my chauffeurs license, and I drove tanker trucks for about 2 1/2 years. Back then, that's all you had to have ... a chaufeurs license!. Now, it's like getting your "pilot's license"! You have to have yearly physicals, lots of testing, and driving tests that often require a 2nd and sometimes 3rd attempt before passing! But, I made it!

Now I am a fully qualified "Class AM" truck driver, with all of the endorsements.*
*I also have my motorcycles license (Class M). I drive 5th wheels, standard or automatic transmissions, flatbeds, tankers, double and triple trailer rigs, and I even obtained the Hazmat endorsement, so I can haul fuel and crude oil, and such, and make even more money!

So, watch for me. When you can't find me in-town, you just might have to use one of my links on the left "Find me" to see just where I am at the time! I will have my Ham Radio with me in the truck, and I will be using the APRS system, so you should be able to track me down with just one click! I am also sharing my position with Google Maps, and with Find My Friends, all from my iPad Pro, to keep the beacons going.

Oh, if you're also interested in pursuing a career in truck driving, please talk to my buddy at Austin CDL Services, Eddie Torres! He ran into the same problem I did with finding the IT jobs, and moved to truck driving years ago. He went to trucks, and teaching truck driving, and hasn't looked back!

Austin CDL Services is a "great" place for training you to pass your CDL test and learn how to drive safely! They are also the best priced in the entire state of Texas!

Check them out at: Austin CDL Services ...
"Tell them 'Rich' sent ya' ..."

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