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Rich has been working with computers since the Internet was the "ArpaNET". He started at ASU (Angelo State University), using punch card readers to set up his programs, and he completed his first "online chat" via the ArpaNET using a DEC LA-36 Teletypewriter Terminal. The display was a printer. When he typed, the text typed on the printer. When the chat recipient responded, their response came back on the printer. He fell in love with computers at that point!

Rich started very early working with computers, and trained on his first PC, an Eagle computer running CP/M v2.2. At the same time, he was working as a consultant for Qantel Mini Computers. He later acquired a Tandy/Radio Shack portable computer, a TRS-80 Model 4P, which looked like a sewing machine when packed up. It sported 2 floppy drives, an internal 1200 baud modem, a parallel printer port, and a serial terminal port where he connected to the UNIX system at the office, when taking it to work. UNIX was the first multi-user operating system he actually worked with, and then began working with Tandy's version of XENIX, TRS-XENIX. He again fell in love with UNIX and the many things you could do with the OS.

Over the years Rich has built systems to run UNIX, SCO-XENIX, LINUX, that worked with terminals and various peripherals. As a Technical Writer for DELL Computers, he developed documentation for their connectors and communications protocols library. While at DELL Computers, he also helped develop their TechFAX system, for user support. He helped start the mobile computing support teams, where the new laptops were being supported. His specialty, among others, was in the modem technologies and remote operations. Later, he began working with DELL UNIX, and was escalted to Level II Tech Support with Dell. For years following, he worked with DELL and later decided to branch out into consulting and contracting, to increase his experience. He worked as a systems engineer, systems admin, server admin, help desk manager, and help desk and PC support. Always seeming to be in leadership roles, Rich excels in working with customers, in helping them to understand the software and hardware they work with, and to assist them in their mobile and remote office needs and issues.

While at DELL Computers, a director there told Rich that he defied the phrase, "Jack of all trades is a master of none.", stating that he actually proved that theory wrong. He called Rich a MacGyver. Some of his colleagues called him "Commander Gadget". He had a knack for learning quickly, and doing the impossible with technology. The directory told him that he can do "anything". His ability to learn and ascimulate knowlege gives him a cutting edge. His phobia of not getting it right presses him to move to the "teacher level" of his topics, which is what makes him a "master of anything". His drive is to serve. He is well documented, and develops Q/Ref Documents (quick reference) that he uses to aid him in his work, and he freely shares these with his colleagues.

Rich is an ITguy that you can put anywhere and he will adapt quickly, and become a great asset to your business or project.

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