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Richard A. Allcorn

LINUX Systems Engineer/Admin & Tech Guru
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I specialize in working with LINUX, in shell scripting, and web browsers and user interfaces. I also embrace macOS ... it's UNIX! Dealing with cloud-based systems, virtual environments, and with off site-based offices, I help offices scattered across this wonderful country, who are embracing the current work-at-home technology ideas of today!

The IT Technology field is constantly changing, growing and expanding, in new possibilities and technologies and in the needed knowledge, expertise, and diversity to work with these in the field of business. With the growing and demanding needs and innovations in the IT field, an IT professional has a constant job of just staying "sharp" and up-to-date. I specialize in helping your company keep up-to-date, and yet stable. The newer is not always the better. When you use a resource, you need to get the best of of all that it has to offer. In a field where it is becoming literally impossible for one particular individual to have a broad understanding of all of these areas, Richard Allcorn stands out! Steve Smith, a director at Dell Computers once said Richard was the exception to the "Jack-of-all-trades" rule, Richard's ability to recall and quickly understand various technologies and software applications makes him an ideal information resource in the IT Technologies field. Often complimented on his definition of "the cloud" technologies term, Richard has been working with computers since CP/M 2.2 was the defacto standard for a personal computer, and when mainframes and minicomputers were the only equipment capable of running UNIX. But since that time, things have changed, drastically! Businesses all over the world are now using technologies that range from yesterday's news to the very latest in cutting edge developments. But finding someone who knows these many systems, and how to use their phenominal features, can be difficult. You need someone who doesn't just know LINUX, but "understands" it, and can make intelligent, informed decisions relating to these features.

LINUX, harnessing the power of the UNIX operating system
Over the years, the awesome power of the UNIX operating system has been exponentially transformed and developed through Open Source resources in the version LINUX, the "free" alternative to UNIX. According to recent analysis of servers on the Internet, LINUX is the power behind the Internet with a majority of over over 96.3+% of the major servers on the Internet today, Of the remaining 3.7%, another 1.8% of that is UNIX, or FreeBSD, taking the UNIX realm almost up to 98.2% of the worlds major Internet usage! The key OS for Android smartphones is also LINUX, and they currently dominate the smartphone market, with Apple following right behind them, running iOS, another flavor of UNIX! Windows is actually out there, somewhere, holding about 1.8% of the market, and while it has some really nice features, the biggest problem behind it's use is cost and expense. Every time the OS is updated, the interface or "GUI" changes too, making it a difficult OS to stay current with. With issues like licensing, certifications (that are constantly requiring updating/upgrading), and being the direct target of most of the worlds hackers, has not helped Windows growth. However, when it comes to desktops, laptops, and workstations, Windows takes the lead, and holds steady, with Windows 7 being the preference of choice for the Windows operating system! For tablets, Apples iOS UNIX takes the lead, another win for the UNIX realm. Massive server systems like Google, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, and more, all run on the LINUX operating system. Most of the worlds smart devices now run on LINUX, with a growing popularity in a little mini-system called "Apple Pii". These little guys are bringing technology into places where it's never been before, and for little cost at all, and they run on LINUX! LINUX is capable of "talking" to just about anything out there, whether yesterday's technology or tomorrows creation! With shell scripting, a LINUX system engineer can quickly begin to automate processes and tasks, make housekeeping and administration a breeze. A good shell script programmer can quickly become the equivalent of 3 of themselves when it comes to the work that can be automated and simplified just by developing shell scripts to perform the frequent tasks needed to administrate such a powerful system.

When UNIX first became available for the PC hardware, under the name XENIX, Rich was there! He fell in love with the various features of UNIX, sendmail, UUCP, crontab, the spooler system, terminal management, tar, and the whole gammut of features that made the UNIX OS versatile in just about any application. Today, LINUX, the able replacement for UNIX, supports all of the features of yesterday, and all of these wonderful features of today! So, with Rich you not only bring a great deal of experience and understanding to your team, but you get all of this history and the understanding that goes with that as well. Forcasting needs, and possible pitfalls depend on someone with that history, and that experience.


To summarize, with your organization, you need someone who will begin to become familiar with your systems, your network and your LINUX needs, and how all of that works and plays friendly with your Windows resources as well. Rich has extensive experience with the Windows environment, having worked with Windows Server since it's inception, and with MS BackOffice Server, MS Proxy Server, Active Directory, and so much more. He's worked with and developed workstations over the years, and created images and downloads to simply user workstation creation, imaging and even backup and ghosting. He also understands how all of this must work with a LINUX system and play friendly in an multi-platform environment.

Rich has also worked extensively "in the clouds", with hosting, lamp hosting accounts, file shares, printer servers, and remote access servers. He has extensive experience with Google Apps and their enterprise resources in user management, on-cloud storage, and business management tools and web resources. He is an expert in working with virtual environments as well, having worked with VMware since it was released, and with Oracle's VirtualBox. He understands the ability of being able to create/configure and host resources online that would otherwise require countless hardware platforms, and is well versed at working with these. Richard is a team player, and a vital resource librarian of information. He utilizes these resources for his purposes of organization, understanding and reference. He excels in documentation, and loves to make these resources available to his team, so that all can benefit from his labors. When once told, "We're afraid you are overqualified for this position." he responded to them, "I am NOT overqualified. I am in a service position, and my job is to serve. The experience and "over-qualifications" are just a bonus you get when you bring me onboard."

Contact Rich today for a one-on-one talk across the table, to see how he can be a great benefit to you and your organization! Please see the resources provided on this website to allow you varied opportunities and options to contact him ...



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