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Name: Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display (2018)
Size: 13-inch
Memory: 16GB RAM
Storage: 1TB HDD, static drive

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This is my primary workstation, with 1TB of static drive storage, enough to provide me with an ample workstation while on-the-go. It runs with the latest macOS version operating system, (Mojave as of 2018) and I use Thunderbird eMail as my primary email, and utilize Google for my contacts, calendar, and notes. I have VMware installed, providing me with virtual computing capabilities, and I use TotalSpaces to provide instant switching from workspace to workspace (5 pages, plus virtuals).

At any given time, I can toggle a screen over to utilize a full version of Windows 7, or various versions of LINUX, Solaris UNIX, etc. and I've even experimented and installed successful versions of Windows 98, MS-DOS 6.2.1, etc. that are available to me at any time I want, using the magic of VMware. My datafiles in my hone directory are available on most of these appliances (software version systems in the virtual world), so when I need access to my files, they are available across the board, no matter what I may be running at the time. The same company providing me with TotalSpaces, "BinaryAge", also provides a Yakuake like utility for macOS called "TotalTerminal". I simply press a key sequence and a command line interfacd drops down for me to quickly access macOS UNIX, or ssh out to one of my LINUX boxes on the grid!

There is a lot of hardware out there on the market that can do the job, but with macOS, it all just seems to "work" flawlessly. And, the equipment lasts. I just retired a notebook of over 10 years, for a display failure, and it is still being used as a desktop! (that one has 16GB RAM, and a 4TB HDD installed). With me, Mac's are the way to go!