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Name: Dell Optiplex 7010
Size: Small Form Factor, Tower
Memory: 16GB RAM




multi-port USB hub, DVD CDROM drivem, TP-Link USB Wifi device (Linux compatible), SMK Bluetooth USB device, and LAN card (built-in)

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This is my primary server/workstation. It boasts 16GB of RAM, with a 4TB hard drive, capable of storing my personal data in its entirety, along with providing various software, drivers, OS images, etc, fileshares, print sharing, and other services. I have another identical system, with a small hard drive, that I use to practice installs, changes to systems, and constantly rebuilt or change that one. This system, however, is my station server. I have a dataline for it, so it can dial-out, or I can dial-in, to login, or use it with UUCP services.

I am using this system to learn more about the LINUX operating system, and how to utilize services on it, like macOS does, to provide seamless connectivity and functionality. It is also the I use to maintain and work with my shell scripts. It is a prototype for a larger server I will eventually set up in an hosting facility, to allow faster Internet connectivity, and hosting of a larger scope of users.