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Name: Apple Macbook Pro (2010)
Size: 13-inch
Memory: 16GB RAM
Storage: 4TB HDD

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This was my primary workstation, with 4TB of internal notebook drive storage, and 16GB of RAM, and it was more than enough to provide me with an ample workstation while on-the-go. It also functioned as a server, and a VM workstation, providing me with multiple virtual scenarios and environments within which I could work.

This particular model has 2 USB ports, 1 Firewire port, an external video port, an external ethernet port, a memory card port, a headphones/mic port, and was an awesome notebook! In last August, or early September of 2018, the display went south, and the hard drive began to fail. I was able to reformat the drive, and chalked the problems it had to my many attempts to get the display back up and running, with multiple reboots. The drive is now good, but the display will not work. It now serves me as a desktop, using my external display in place of it's own. It has joined the multi-server KVM switch family, allowing me to use it alongside the others in my small and humble office space I have now. I miss this unit. By the time it failed, I had 4 power units for it, 1 additional one that plugged into the car 12vdc adapter and ran it while I was mobile. At this time, it's battery live was all but 30 minutes! But ... I have all sorts of things I could connect to it! Some day soon I will get the display fixed, and find it a nice home, where it can continue to serve.