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Name: my Home Office Space (current)
Size: Study area
Pics: 3 pics: 1 of me at work; 1 of my office area, and 1 of my servers and modem
Equipment: 1 24" flat screen monitor, 1 15" monitor, 1 32" flatscreen TV monitor, subwoofer and speaker system, HP laserprinter, Dymo Labelwriter 450 label printer, Logitech webcam, IBM keyboard and Logitech bluetooth wireless mouse, Samson G-Track USB studio mic, 1 coffee warmer, various UNIX & LINUX books, Apple wireless router, digital World Clock (WWV updated), world map, rolling computer rack (for the 2 servers, and 1 older Macbook Pro), paper shredder, and an authentic looking, working, Original StarTrek series communicator with charger base.

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