the Man Cave work area (overall shot)
the Man Cave work area (overall shot)
the Man Cave work area (overall shot)

The Rack
The equipment rack
houses the servers,
the patch panels and
switches we use for
the networks/subnets.

The rack console is
console for servers
mounted in the rack .

the Man Cave ... the new frontier of technologies!
workspace for: ..Richard A. Allcorn


We have reached, in our society and in our technology, the level of connectivity to where more and more people "work at home" and build entire businesses out of their home-based offices or studios. My wife calls this private workspace: "the Man Cave", after seeing it develop and come to be a place where I spend a great deal of my time, working, and learning, and growing in knowledge and working with LINUX technology.

I work with all of this in developing my computer skills, my networking skills, and becoming the best I can be at the various popular technologies, to stay sharp, both locally and in "Cloud Computing" (servers & resources that are "out there"), to be the best I can be at helping folks to "Get CONNECTED"!

I work with LINUX, with UNIX, with macOS, and with Windows. I do user accounts, data, server management and automation, and so much more. I still have dial-up line so I can work "dial-in" and login, or work with UUCP (Unix-to-Unix Copy Program) and terminals, in the multi-user UNIX and LINUX world.

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